Welcome meeting

The CCiL Welcome Meeting consists of two parts: the CCiL 2021 Annual Lecture and a discussion organized jointly with the CCiL PhD program along with an orientation session aimed to MA students.

All CCiL PhD students, master students, tutors and faculty members are invited to attend this meeting, both the conference and the orientation session. The Welcome meeting is an excellent opportunity to meet other students and some of the tutors and instructors.

Welcome meeting 2022

The Welcome Meeting will take place in person (it will not be streamed) the 29th September 2022,  at 10.00 h at at the Sala Jane Addams of the Faculty of Philosophy of the Universitat de Barcelona.

The guest lecturer is Ramon Ferrer-i-Cancho is a language scientist and professor at the Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya, where he teaches computer science. He is interested in human language, animal communication and other biological systems. The keystone of his research are statistical patterns, specially the so-called "linguistic laws". As a linguist working from computer science he will give us a different perspective of what language can be and how it can be studied. He will present: How cost minimization and trade-offs shape language. 

After that, we have an orientation session with MA students. 


Welcome meeting 2021

The CCiL 2021 Welcome Meeting was held in person the October 8th, at 10.00 h at the Sala Jane Addams of the Faculty of Philosophy of the Universitat de Barcelona (see details below).

The guest lecturer was Teresa Marques, Associate Professor at the University of Barcelona and researcher at the LOGOS Group (UB) and the BIAP - Barcelona Institute for Analytic Philosophy (UB), among others. She presented the conference entitled: “Limits to semantic engineering”. After that, we has an orientation session with branch tutors and MA students.

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Fri, 08/10/2021 - 10:00