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Hannah Arendt's phenomenology on action

Thursday 26, Friday January 27, and  Wednesday February 1, 2017 at 16h

Lectora 22: dossier on transnational indigenous feminisms

Dossier editat per Yi-Chun Tricia Lin


Expressions maghrébines: Les vies multiples d'Abdellatif Laâbi


The latest issue of Expressions maghrébines, a journal dedicated to Maghrebi culture


Emotions, bodies and migrations


Call for papers announced for the symposium "Memoria encarnada. Emociones, cuerpos y migraciones en la producción cultural hispánica del siglo XXI", coordinated by 

June 1 to 3, 2017
Uniwersytet Warszawski

New Research Center on Theory, Gender and Sexuality (ADHUC)


The Governing Council of the Universitat de Barcelona has approved the creation of the new Research Center in Theory, Gender and Sexuality (ADHUC) on June 16, 2016


Narratives of (un)happiness


How is happiness codified in relation to gender and sexuality in the literature and popular culture produced during the 21st century? What is the ideal of happiness projected in online videogames? And in toys and dolls? The symposium "...y fueron felices. Narrativas de la (in)felicidad", coordinated by Ivan Garcia Sala (Universitat de Barcelona) and Helena González Fernández (ADHUC, Universitat de Barcelona) is aimed at analyzing the concept "promise of happiness", coined by Sara Ahmed, as well as the different representations of happiness in literature, cinema, online videogames and toys

January Friday 13, 2017 from 9h45 to 18h15
Sala del Professorat, Edifici Josep Carner, Facultat de Filologia, Universitat de Barcelona, c/ Aribau 2, 5è pis - 08007 Barcelona

Colección Mujeres y culturas

El presente volumen analiza la pluralidad de vivencias, percepciones y representaciones de masculinidades no hegemónicas en la sociedad y en la cultura españolas...

A pesar de que vivimos en un mundo globalizado y en constante cambio, los modelos de masculinidad hegemónica aún prevalecen. Para contrarrestar esta realidad...

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