The creative city's cracks: contestation and social innovation in the city of Barcelona. The Case of the Socio-Cultural Center Can Batllo

María Victoria Sánchez Belando
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Presentació conferencia
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International Conference on Cultural Policy Research (ICCPR) 2014- University of Hildesheim. Germany.
Since the '80s, culture, creativity and innovation, have become three of the magic ingredients to face the socio-economic and political transformations linked to the industrial production model crisis. In this context, the paradigm of creative cities (Florida, 2009; Landry & Bianchini, 1995) based on a conception of culture, creativity and innovation, acording to the neoliberal reorganization of relations between State, Market and Society, was strongly settled in urban policies agenda. As Novy and Colomb point (2013) to the case of Berlin and Hamburg, Barcelona is another scenary of contestations and social innovative strategies within the struggles for “the right to the city”(Lefebvre, 1969). We argue that in the current neoliberalized urban scenary are emerging expression of a social protection strategy against a commodification process on different aspects of urban life which could be interpreted as a"double movement" (Polanyi, 1989:189). As a result of this process, these emerging social innovation strategies are aimed to change and improve living conditions can not find satisfactory solutions in the 'institutionalized field' of public or private action (Moulaert, F.; MacCallum, D.; Mehmood, A. and Hamdouch, 2013). The aim of this paper is to study the nature of the social innovation strategies in the case of community based management in a urban context. To reach our objective we analize a the Case of the Socio-Cultural Center Can Batllo, a community based management experience in the city of Barcelona, which represents a significative case of this social innovative strategies.