Place and creativity in Visual Arts. A sociological analysis of urban creativity processes in the city of Barcelona

Matías I. Zarlenga
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Working paper
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Working Papers Centre for German and European Studies (CGES)
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The relationship between creativity and territory has become a research study  that draws the attention of various social science disciplines. Currently literature  on the subject tend to pay attention only to hard or soft factors of the cities or  the importance of cultural cluster to explain the impact of place in creativity  processes in art, creative industries and knowledge firms. However this kind of  studies giving little attention to social dimension of the phenomenon and the  different scales of place. With the help of theoretical tool of the sociology,  especially the concept of interaction ritual and frame, the main aim of this paper  is to analyze the impact of place in cultural creative processes in visual arts  from a sociological point of view. For this purpose, I analyze the impact of place  (at micro, meso and macro scale) in artistic creativity processes of visual artists  of Poblenou District in Barcelona city. This paper argues that place has a  specific function in creative processes: model and guide the creativity.