International Seminar "Innovation in crisis times. Challenges to local social welfare systems for cities' cohesion"

Monday, February 11, 2013
Sede del CSIC: Calle Egipcíaques, núm. 15, Barcelona.
WILCO Project

The local level of governance and administration allows defining a specific social welfare system. This means that the comprehension and the development of a specific social welfare at local level largely depend on the local political and social dynamics, especially with regard to the relation between political institutions and civil society organizations.
Given the current economic crisis, more than ever, such dynamics must place social needs at the center of their programs. Moving from those premises, WILCO Project has organized the seminar:”Innovating in Crisis Times”. The seminar is intended to serve as an arena for reflecting on social innovation challenges, including the presentation and discussion of some innovative projects going on in other European cities.
All persons and institutions involved in Barcelona city’s welfare system are invited to take part in the Seminar.


9.30:  Welcome and Seminar Presentation. Wilco Project Team
10.00:  Social innovation challenges. Mrs. Teresa Montagut (University of Barcelona)
10.30:  An innovative Project in Sweden. Mrs. Ola Segnestam (Ersta Sköndal University)
11.00: Debate
11.30: Coffee break
12.00:  An innovative Project in Germany. Mrs. Annette Zimmer (University of Münster)
12.30:  An innovative Project in Pamplona. Mr. Manuel Aguilar (University of Barcelona)
13.00:  Debate
13.45:  Seminar closing session
Consejo Superior Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) Calle Egipcíaques, 15 -  Barcelona.
Monday 11th, February, 2013