Bru Laín Escandell

Despatx: 306 - ERE
Telèfon: 934037229

Bru Laín (Barcelona, 1982) holds a PhD in Sociology at UB and a Master in Political Science at UAB. He was a Tramod researcher (in its economic research area) at the Department of Sociological Theory, Philosophy of Law and Methodology of the Social Sciences at the UB. Since the first stages of his academic career, he has developed several research projects at various institutions such as the Department of Sociology of Organizations (UB), the Department of Sociological Theory (UB), the City Council of Gavà and IBEI - Barcelona Institute of International Studies, among others.
During several years he has been attending many conferences and seminars, where he has increased his knowledge in different areas such as economy, philosophy, history and economic anthropology. His research interests are focused on Social and Political Theories, Political Economy, Theories of Justice, Cooperativism, Basic Income and the Politic and Economic implications of Commons.
His thesis tries to highlight how the Modernization Process has altered the link between Democracy and Property that was characteristic of the Republicanism, mainly during the French Revolution and the pre-constitutional era of the United States of North America.