Marta Casals Balaguer


Marta Casals Balaguer (Barcelona, ​​1988) has a degree in Music Education (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, ​​2010), a MA in Cultural Management (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya - UOC, 2013) and advanced studies in MA in Humanities: art, literature and contemporary culture (UOC). She is currently a PhD student in the PhD in Sociology at the University of Barcelona (UB), where she is conducting a research on processes of professionalism and artwork in modern music and jazz musicians, under the guidance of Dr. Arturo Rodríguez Morató. She is a member of the Center for Studies on Culture, Politics and Society (CECUPS), and carries out tasks of teaching and research in the Department of Sociological Theory, Philosophy of Law and Methodology of Social Sciences (Faculty of Economics and Business UB) as a predoctoral fellow with the Predoctoral Researcher in Training Fellowship (APIF-UB). Her main academic accumulation areas are in the framework of the Sociology of Artistic Professions and the Sociology of Culture, in which she conducted the research "La professió del músic al segle XXI -Musician profession on the XXIth century-" (thesis for MA in Cultural Management, 2013). She has participated, as an oral presenter, at various academic events of national impact and at European level, such as Coloquio Intercongresos del Comité de Sociología de la Cultura y de las Artes of the Spanish Federation of Sociology (Barcelona), the KISMIF International Conference (Porto), the 12th Conference of the European Sociological Association (Prague) and Third ISA Forum of Sociology (Vienna, forthcoming). Her presentations refer to the analysis of artistic-professional music scene in Barcelona (modern music and jazz), and the study of the multiple jobs and strategies of the current professional musician in Barcelona. In turn, she worked as a teacher specialized in music education and she has been a department coordinator at the Centre d'Estudis Musicals Passatge (Barcelona). She is co-directing "Sonall", an educational project specialist in music for babies workshops. In parallel, she develops a career in music, performing, creating, publishing and producing several works.