Oriol Batalla

Email: oriolbatalla.95@gmail.com

Oriol Batalla holds a BA in English Studies with a specialization in Literature and Culture (Autonomous University of Barcelona, 2018) with an international stay at San Diego State University, California (Fall 2016), and a Cum Laude dissertation under the supervision of Dr. Felicity Hand, an MA in Comparative Literature and Cultural Analysis (University of Amsterdam, 2019) with an A-grade thesis under the supervision of Dr. Joost de Bloois and Dr. Jeff Diamanti, and an MEd in Teaching (University of Vic, 2021). Since September 2021, Oriol is a PhD fellow in Social and Cultural Theory at the University of Barcelona – CECUPS, under the supervision of Dr. Peter Wagner. His project Necrocene Politics: A Theoretical Approach to Extinction, Capitalism and Future Societies tries to theorize and put into practice the concept of the Necrocene, the age of extinction due to capitalist accumulation, and decipher how this nomenclature can help us come to terms with some of the crises of the contemporary, opposing it to other leading nomenclatures such as the Anthropocene or the Chthulucene through an Environmental Humanities, Critical Theory and New Materialism lens. This project is, in turn, under the canopy of the project funded by Horizon 2020 UNCHARTED: Understanding, Capturing and Fostering the Societal Value of Culture. His work has appeared in edited volumes by Columbia University Press and Active Distribution, and in journals such as Indialogs or e-cadernos CES, while having several other undergoing publication processes for indexed journals, dealing with the Anthropocene, Cultural Analysis, Critical Theory, Environmental Humanities, Beyond-Human entities and New Materialism. He is currently teaching and supervising at Rovira i Virgili University. He is also drummer and songwriter in the melodic punk band Acid Snot. They have released an EP (2013), an LP (2016), and toured around different European countries. Their next record is coming out in 2022.


Oriol Batalla. 2021. Beyond Anarchy: Skateboarding and Skatepunk Politics (forthcoming). Anarchism and Punk: Critical Engagements with Other Political Practices. London . Active Distribution.
Oriol Batalla. 2021. Reef Thinking: Coral Reefs, Materialism and Ecology at the End of Nature. Geographia Literaria: Studies in Earth, Ethics and Literature. New York. Columbia University Press.
Oriol Batalla. 2021. Green Capitalism? Politics from the Necrocene to the Eleutherocene. CES e-cuadernos. Vol. 34.