CECUPS was constituted at the beginning of 2007. Its roots go back to 1999, however, when Arturo Rodríguez Morato and Salvador Giner created the CESAC (Center for the Sociology of Arts and Culture). CESAC goals were: to make sociological research in the field of arts, to advance theoretical knowledge about artistic and cultural dynamics, and more generally the promotion of this area of study. Gradually, the group focused on the study of cultural policy. Then the incorporation of Teresa Montagut and Juan Diez Medrano gave cause to open two new fields of research and brought about the reconfiguration of the group as CECUPS. Subsequently, the incorporation of Peter Wagner allowed adding another new line of research. The current structure of CECUPS corresponds to this trajectory.



    Arturo Rodríguez Morató



    Trinidad Bretones Esteban

    Arturo Rodríguez Morató

    Peter Wagner


Honorary President

    Salvador Giner de San Julián