Cultural Policy in Ibero-America – A Regional Perspective

Arturo Rodríguez Morató
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Mariano Martín Zamorano
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International Journal of Cultural Policy
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Vol. 24, 2018 (5)
Taylor & Francis
This special issue of the International Journal of Cultural Policy provides a wide-ranging overview about cultural policies in Ibero-America. In addition to papers focused on the development of cultural policy in specific countries, it also includes articles analyzing particular cultural policies in a transnational perspective, paying attention to their multiple programmatic transferences. It also includes articles centred on the development of cultural diplomacy and institutional networks within this area. In this way, it intends to highlight the commonalities among countries and the relations between them, so offering a new and deeper vision of the development of cultural policies in the Ibero American region. This vision is informed by the notion of family of nations proposed by Castle (1993) which relevance for the analysis of a regional cultural policy is also evaluated through its application to this case.