Art, culture and creativity

The analysis of the relationship between the artistic and cultural dynamics and the territory is an important axis of investigation in CECUPS. Over the years, many doctoral projects have been carried out and numerous papers have been published in this area. During the last period, these works have been increasingly oriented towards the issues of creativity and cultural innovation. 




Beyond the works around the issue of cultural creativity, other interests are developed within this line of research, which are widely framed in the Sociology of the Arts. Numerous theses that are being carried out by the research group, mostly on issues related to artistic professions, institutions and productions, fit into this disciplinary field. Professor Rodríguez Morató has been promoting international initiatives and works within this field for many years (he was chair of the ISA's committee of sociology of the arts between 1998 and 2002). His recent book on The New Sociology of the Arts sets out the keys contributions to this discipline coming from the Spanish-speaking sociology.