About us


Celltec UB has proven expertise in offering applied research services, designed to ensure the optimum development of compounds, both in terms of technical and regulatory compliance, and in providing scientific marketing services. Work is undertaken in a quality environment, and every endeavor is made to respect the deadlines and budgets of clients and collaborators, derived from a clear focus on results and market.

The group’s activities can be divided into:

Applied research services for the development of compounds:

  • Development and optimisation studies of therapeutic (pharmaceutical and veterinary) or functional (cosmetic, chemical, nutritional, textile, etc.) targets.
  • Studies to determine safety, toxicity, efficiency, mechanisms of action and functionality are carried out.Scientific advice to R&D departments for the optimisation of the trail phases, and the development of bioactive molecules and products.

Development and validation of new in vitro experimental models and methods:

  • Development of new tools and experimental processes based on cell culture and molecular biology technology for the development and optimisation of compounds.
  • Studies of bioactive matrices (biotechnological materials) and tissue engineering.

Technology transfer services:

  • Education programs for technical staff training.
  • Development and transfer of experimental methods for compounds and products development.
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