bac1Celltec UB is an initiative of a group of researchers from the Department of Cell Biology at the University of Barcelona.

Celltec UB promotes innovation and technology transfer in the field of cell and molecular biology. It offers biotechnology, pharmaceutical, veterinary and cosmetic companies the experience and know-how of its scientific team in the development and use of in vitro and molecular cell models for screening, and for efficiency, toxicity and metabolism studies, as well as for the determination of the mechanisms of action of their products.


bac2Celltec UB also offers advice to corporate R&D departments and facilitates the transfer of their technology.

One of research groups’ most outstanding developments, which has wide applications, is based on the fine-tuning and subsequent scientific use of a number of in vitro cell culture systems that are extremely useful, both on an individual and group basis, for determining the function and/or effect of bioactive molecules or finished products.

The use of in vitro cell systems makes possible the massive functional screening of the compounds developed and marketed by the above mentioned industrial sectors.



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