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Professor of Organic Chemistry at the University of Barcelona


Phone: + 34 93 4037088



Dr. Albericio received is PhD in Chemistry at the University of Barcelona. He has published over 500 papers, several review articles and 35 patents, and has co-authored three books. Dr. Albericio is an editor for various scientific journals and serves on the editorial board of several others. His major research interests cover practically all aspects of peptide synthesis and combinatorial chemistry methodologies, as well as the synthesis of therapeutically interesting peptides and small molecules.

Dr. Albericio received the following prizes: Leonidas Zervas Award, European Peptide Society (1994); Distinction of Generalitat de Catalunya for the Research Development (2003); Doctor Honoris Causa, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina (2010); Vincent du Vigneaud Award, American Peptide Society (2011).

University of Barcelona (UB) - Barcelona Science Park (PCB) C/Baldiri Reixac, 10-12, 08028 Barcelona