ChemBio Lab

    Chemistry Platform for the Development of New Drugs



  • The total synthesis of baringolin was performed.
  • Their constitution and configurations of have been confirmed.
  • Possess an important antibacterial activity at nanomolar concentration.
  • Several analogues were obtained to assess their SAR profile.



New cytotoxic polyketide macrolides named phormidolides B and C were isolated from a marine sponge.

  • The isolation and structure elucidation were realized.
  • The  common structure is based on: a THF-containing macrolide, a polyhydroxylated chain  and a fatty acid.
  • The synthesis of Phormidolides and confirmation of its structure is ongoing in the group.

Proapoptotic TrifluoroThiazoles


  • Direct synthetic access.

  • Proapoptotic p-53 independent antitumoral activity.

  • Selectively targeting prohibitins (Collaboration J.Gil, UB).


Clasp Thiazole  Antiangiogenic Peptides


  • RGD-peptides with antiangiogenic activity.

  • Novel rigid connectors of thiazole structure.

  • In vivo active selective integrin antagonists.

  • Collaboration with BioLeitat and FJ Luque (UB).
University of Barcelona (UB) - Barcelona Science Park (PCB) C/Baldiri Reixac, 10-12, 08028 Barcelona