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  ABSTRACTS in PDF format
  Theme 1 - Chaîne opératoire
    S1- Raw material exploitation strategies – mining and surface collecting (27)
S2- Ancient lithic trade and economics (22)
S3- Stone tool production and processing techniques (36)
S4- Use-wear analyses - signs of usage on stone tools (a.k.a. traceology) (15)
  Theme 2 - Auxilliary sciences
    S5- Microcrystaline quartz as a geological material (3)
S6- Characterising lithic sources (26)
S7- Lithotheques - collections of comparative raw materials
  Theme 3 - Special topic sessions

S8- Gemology: Obsidian and quartz as gemstones (2)
S9- Experimental flint knapping (9)
S10- Stirring the wheel on human behaviour: Mechanical devices for testing material performance (6)
S11- Gunflints: Production, distribution and use (4)
S12- Silcrete as a lithic raw material in global context: Geology, sourcing and techno-economics (6)
S13- Obsidian in archaeology and geology (8)