The incorporation of audiovisuals into research and its dissemination.

One of CINAF’s objectives is to promote the production and dissemination of audiovisual documents.

The specialised use of audiovisuals as a method of obtaining, analysing and presenting data is an emerging field in the Social Sciences, of great theoretical and practical interest, which opens up a wide range of possibilities both in the field of research and in the field of teaching.

The audiovisual technique is particularly suitable for the scientific objectives of CINAF as it is very well adapted to the dominant communicative forms in indigenous and Afro-American groups of essentially oral tradition where, on the other hand, aesthetic representations and ritualisation tend to be of great importance. The audiovisual medium allows for a very wide and cross-cutting dissemination of research results.

The audiovisual documents that can be accessed through this website have been developed within the framework of CINAF’s research.

Audio-visual Projects

(2019). Canals, Roger. El vent i les paraules (Curtmetratge), University of Oxford i Jordi Orobitg Produccions.
(2019). Canals, Roger. Els caçadors d’ombres, University of Oxford i Jordi Orobitg Produccions.

(2018). Roger Canals i Celeste Muñoz, Mmë Bisila, Observatori del Patrimoni Etnològic de Catalunya, Institut Ramon Muntaner i Jordi Orobitg Producccions.

2012-2016 Afro-Venezuelan Rituals in Barcelona

2009-2010 Bea vol saber (Puerto Rico)

2009 También las mujeres pueden volar (Mèxic)

2004-2008 La sang i la gallina (Veneçuela)
2004-2008 Rostres d’una divinitat veneçolana (Veneçuela)
2004-2008 Els bastidors de Sorte (Veneçuela)

2000-2007 Crónicas Pumé  (Venezuela)