Stefan croppedGroup Leader: Stefan T. Bromley
Nanoclusters and Nanostructured Materials (NNM) group
Materials are increasingly being studied and exploited at scales of only a few 10s or 100s of atoms. Such nanoscale materials often display novel size-dependent properties compared to materials at everyday length scales. Using atomistic and quantum mechanical modelling methods, we aim to obtain a detailed predictive understanding of the structural, electronic and chemical properties of nanomaterials. Our main interests concern how nanomaterials evolve with size and dimensionality, and the design of new materials using nanoscale/molecular building blocks.
Stefan Bromley (Group leader)
Raul Santiago (PhD student): Design of 2D organic nanomaterials
Genís Lleopart (PhD student): Switchable 2D organic nanomaterials
Raul Morales (PhD student): ZnO nanomaterials
Juan José Piñero (PhD student): Titanium Carbide Nanoparticles
Antoni Macia (PhD student): Formation of silicate dust grains
Joan Espel (PhD student): Hydroxylated silica nanoclusters
Joan Mariñoso (Masters student): IR spectra of silicate grains
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