Some pictures and videos at scientific meetings and academic acts


Scientific meetings

Nato School on Metal Ligand Interactions in…, Cetraro 98

La Colle sur Loup, CAT-2000

Nato School on Computational Material Science, Il Ciocco, 2001



ESPA, Sevilla, September 2002

Nato School on Metal Ligand Interactions in …, Cetraro 2002

ACS New Orleans, March 2003

At the excursion at the San Luis III conference, Merida, Venezuela 2004

Spanish coworkers of Jean Paul Malrieu in the Lagrasse-2004 meeting for his 65 birthday

With Carlo Gatti, Gianfranco Pacchioni and Cesare Pisani at the symposium celebration Cesare's 70 birthday, september 2008

With Keiji Morokuma and Manuel Yañez at the WATOC meeting in Sydney, September 2008

At the diner of the 25 Meeting of Theoretical Chemistry in Catalonia, celebrating Santiago Olivella 65th birthday

With Gianfranco Pacchioni, Christian Minot and Alexis Markovits at Dougga during the EMQSN '09

With Gianfranco Pacchioni, Claudio M. Zicovich, Carlton A. Taft, William A. Lester Jr. and Javier F. Sanz at the ICAM2009 in Rio de Janeiro

With Joachim Sauer and Jun Li at ICTAC13, Matsushima, June 2010

With Gianfranco Pacchioni, Paul Bagus, Hajo Freund at FIESTAE, Berlin 2011

Talk given at the Winter Modeling Special Edition in Pisa celebration Prof. Enzo Barone 60th Birthday, November 2012

With Jordi Llorca at the XIV RGJ PhD Congress, April 2013

With my Ph D student Nanthawat Wannarit at the XIV RGJ Congress, April 2013

With Avelino Corma at the Royal Society meeting on Catalysis Improving Society, June 2015

With Veronica Ganduglia-Pirovano, Jose Antonio Rodriguez and Jesus Graciani at the IWOX 2018 meeting in Sierra Nevada (Spain), January 2018

Academic acts

Tesis Xavier Fradera, Girona, January 2000

Tesis Norge Hernandez-Cruz, Sevilla 2001

QTC board in El Escorial 2003

QTC board in Girona 2004

Martin A Zwijnenburg and his Ph D defense jury at Delft University, October 2004

With Stefan Bromley, Martin's Ph D Advisor, October 2004

With Jumras Limtrakul and some of his group members at Kasestart University, Bangkok 2008

Notker Rösch's 65 birthday party in Munich, November 2008

ICREA Academia Awardees 2009

Wiht Jean Paul Malrieu in his Honoris Causa Doctorate at URV, January 29th, 2013

With Josep Manel Ricart, Carmen Claver and Jean Paul Malrieu, January 29th, 2013

With Rosa Caballol, Carmen Claver and Jean Paul Malrieu, January 29th, 2013

Tesis Albert Bruix, Barcelona, February, 2014

ICREA Academia Awardees 2015

Daniel Reta, PhD defense

The PE4 panel for 2017 ERC Advanced Research Grants

Visiting colleagues

With Hans Niemantsverdriet at his laboratory with Josep Manel Ricart, University of Delft, August 2008

With Prof.Sambhu N. Datta at Indian Institute of Technology in Mumbai, January 2013

With Gianfranco Pacchioni’s group in Milano, April 2017

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