• Bioethics Commission of University of Barcelona
  • Facultat de Medicina i Ciències de la Salut
  • Campus Clínic, Planta 5ª, Ala Nord
  • Casanova, 143
    08036 Barcelona
  • (+34) 93 403 19 48
  • (+34) 93 403 45 46
  • International Research Projects Office (OPIR)
  • University of Barcelona
    Bosch i Gimpera Foundation
  • Parc Científic, Torre D. 4a planta
  • Baldiri i Reixac, 4-8
  • 08028 Barcelona
  • (+34) 93 403 53 93

Rules to process reports

Rules to process reports issued by the Universitat de Barcelona’s Bioethics Committee

  • Research projects requested by the Research and Agreements Management Office (Oficina de Gestió de la Recerca i Convenis - OGRC), and any necessary applications documents to be analysed by the Bioethics Committee, must be submitted on the final day of the period of submittal at the latest.
  • Research projects which involve trials carried out on humans or which use human samples, according to the declaration made by the main researcher, which fail to provide the necessary documents on the date mentioned in the previous paragraph will be allowed a further 10 days to do so.
  • Following this period, the OGRC will send a photocopy of all these projects and necessary documents to the secretary of the Bioethics Committee.
  • The aforementioned documents will be studied by a subcommittee which will prepare the subsequent report for each project in order to prepare them for appraisal at the Committee’s plenary session.
  • When necessary, the secretary of the Bioethics Committee will request any required documents or explanations from the researchers. Researchers will have 10 days to process this information.
  • The Committee secretary will propose a meeting date for the plenary session of this Committee to the chairman once he or she has all the necessary documents of the research projects requiring appraisal. The chairman will convene this meeting with a subsequent agenda.
  • Once the Bioethics Committee has met and appraised all the research projects, the secretary will sign, when necessary, the subsequent certificates, with the chairman’s approval, and the OGRC will send them to the agency applying for approval together with a copy to the main researcher.


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