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Statement on Doctoral Thesis presented in the UB

Doctoral students who would like to carry out and present their doctoral thesis in any of the centers of the UB, assuming that the thesis project includes one or some of the following:
  1. Experiments with humans;
  2. Use of biological samples of human origin;
  3. Interviews or questionnaires to the subjects involved;
  4. Use of animals for experimentation;
Must submit to the CBUB consideration of the draft thesis so that the Commission makes a timely assessment from the point of view of research ethics. The CBUB will issue the corresponding favorable report, when appropriate, in a similar way research projects are processed in the Office of Management Research (Oficina de Gestió de la Recerca, OGR) of our university.
Therefore, PhD students planning to make use of any of the above procedures should fill in as appropriate ANNEX II Forms of the Commission. See:
  1. Research projects or doctoral thesis involving human experimentation or using biological samples of human origin:
  2. Declaration of recognition of ethical implications in interactions with human beings and social interventionin Research Projects or PhD thesis (type behavioral studies, observational and archaeological fieldwork, interviews, life histories, questionnaires, and alike):
  3. Use of animals for experimentation. In this case you must send the research project to the Comitè d´Experimentació Animal de la UB http://www.ub.edu/ceea/ 
Should be the researcher who, along with his tutor, sign a sheet of compromise undertaking that work on the project or the ethical standards set by the CBUB are respected.
January, 2010

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