Novelty! 3Edition of the Master in Family and Society

This time we dedicate the post to those wishing to train in the field of family sociology. Our group launches 3Edition of the Master Families and Society, a proposed international online training certified by the University of Barcelona, whose purpose is to build a space for knowledge, exchange and debate on issues such as new family forms, the socio-legal conceptualization of families, social construction and its relation to gender.

You can find information on the master's and postgraduate linked in our web


Participated in the round table “surrogacy. We approach the complexity interdisciplinary: ethics, sociology, law and psychology”

Last 3 October we were invited by the Col·School of Psychology to participate in the round table “surrogacy. We approach the complexity interdisciplinary: ethics, sociology, law and psychology“, from an interdisciplinary look where we discussed the need for regulation, paper market or the impact of surrogacy in public policy.

They participated at the table: Anna Morero (sociologist), Noelia Igareda (lawyer), Begoña Román (bioethics), Sara Pascual (psychologist).

We participated in the IV International Congress of Anthropology AIBR

Of the 4 al 7 of September, our colleague Rosa Ortiz, He participated in the IV International Congress of Anthropology AIBR presenting a communication on our R & D project. Communication is the result of collaboration between two lines of research that perform three investigadorx that are part of the research group dome.

We leave the abstract communication, that soon it will be published in an article.

care, reproduction and neoliberal globalization. An approach on the linkages between global care chains and surrogacy

Surrogacy is often referred to as a form of transnational motherhood in cooperating people from different geographical locations and, often, also of social classes and different ethnicities. Global care chains are also considered a transnational form of motherhood made up of women from countries of the global South who perform care work for people, usually, higher social class and ethnicity in different countries of the Global North. This communication aims to explore the commonalities of two highly present phenomena in Spanish society: surrogacy and global care chains, and those factors that make them possible: globalization and casualization of care-related functions. For it, first, the topic will be addressed from an intersectional perspective, which will show the multiple inequalities that take advantage globally to ensure the processes of reproduction and care in countries of the Global North. Secondly, Empirical results from the survey designed under the project will be presented R & D “Surrogate motherhood: family transformations in the XXI century Spain“. Specifically, the results of the survey show the desigualadades that can operate in practice will be presented.

The authors communication are Anna Morero, Rosa Ortiz and Màrius Domínguez.

Today we launched the survey Survey E-MIRRORS surrogacy in the Spanish State

Today we share with each and all of you the release of the survey E-MIRRORS Survey surrogacy in the Spanish State in which the team dome He has been working for several months. This is the first survey of its kind in the Spanish State and aims to determine the characteristics and peculiarities of families consisting of surrogacy in the Spanish State. Likewise, It is expected to increase public and professional awareness of family diversity.

This survey is part of an R & D project funded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness for the period 2014-2017, with the aim of deepening the analysis of the challenges and changes that surrogacy is introducing in the current Spanish society.

If you want to participate in the project directly answering the survey click here or follow this link The estimated time for completion is approximately 30 minutes.

In this leaflet you will find more information about the survey, Feel free to spread the word! The collaboration of people who have created their families through surrogacy is essential, You can help us by answering the survey and dissemination by others who may be interested.

For any queries, You can contact us through this email: and remember that you can also follow us on twitter and our web @Mirrors_Proj:
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