13 of November: CLOSING DATE of the first phase of the survey E-Mirrors

Last 12 September from the project were launching the first survey Mirrors families formed through surrogacy in the Spanish State. We almost two months with an intense outreach through social networks, email and other means in order to go by publicizing the survey and to involve families. We have been also explaining what the topics that were delving were and we have shared some specific issues that were included in the questionnaire.

We want to thank everyone who participated in the research by completing the survey and also to all who have contributed to its spread.

We inform you that this first phase will end next survey 13 OF NOVEMBER. At that moment, We collect and analyze all surveys completed so far, but can follow answering because it will open new responses will be incorporated into a second phase of analysis.

Thus, we ask your cooperation to give a final boost to the dissemination of this first phase so we can have the greatest number of responses. Those who have not yet answered, we invite you to do so 13 November and those who have left the survey half, We remind them that they can continue cumplimentándola from the same electronic device.

To all, Thank you very much for your collaboration.

We continue to report,

Mirrors team

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