Papers published in CEIC

Our colleague Anna Morero has participated in the monograph donor assisted procreation. Among disputes and redefinitions of links and identities, coordinated by Tina Imaz de la UPV / EHU.

Article “Characteristics of families created by surrogacy in the Spanish State” the first part analyzes the data collected under the R & D project "mother Surrogacy. Parental transformations in the XXI century Spain” (CSO2014- 55556-P), thus providing empirical data to field research surrogacy.

Here's the abstract, and to read the full article you can do here:

Despite the lack of quantitative data on surrogacy in the Spanish State, Various indicators suggest that this is an increasingly common way to access maternity and paternity. This article explores the main characteristics of the Spanish families created through surrogacy in countries around the world. For this primary data obtained from the application of the survey will be provided EMirrors, which aims to deepen knowledge about the processes of surrogacy that Spanish people, both in pairs and individually, They perform to create their families. Specifically, the results presented here provide a demographic profile of the mothers and fathers of intent Spanish, but also they show the motivations that led them to choose surrogacy, and the main features of these processes.

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