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"HIDDENLIFE. Shedding light on the World's darkest biodiversity hotspot"
Text by Martina Pavlek. Images by Martina Pavlek and Tin Rozman.

Caves are one of the last unexplored habitats on Earth. Although seemingly lifeless, their constant darkness hides some bizarre and very interesting creatures. Spiders are one of them.  Extreme environmental and biotic conditions in caves have exerted a strong selection on those organisms that first survived and then thrived in them.

True cave animals (troglobionts) show radical phenotypic traits such as depigmentation, eye reduction or loss, elongation of body appendages (for example legs and antennae) and bear many sensory hairs, but also have evolved much lower metabolic rates and live longer than their non-cave relatives.

Dinaric karst in the western Balkans is the world’s hotspot for cave biodiversity. This exhibition, with texts by Martina Pavlek and photographs by Martina Pavlek and Tin Rozman, presents some of more than 100 endemic species of cave-dwelling spiders living in the area. The photographs in this exhibition are the result of more than 20 years of cave fauna exploration done by members of Croatian Biospeleological Society but also through Marie Sklodowska-Curie actions project HiddenLife carried out by Martina Pavlek at the University of Barcelona in the lab of prof. Miquel Arnedo. The main goal of the project is to understand the role of environmental and climatic changes on shaping the diversity of these species.

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Parastalita stygia - Photo by Tin Rozman
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