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Developed within the framework of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), and in line with programmes offered by other European universities, the MA programme Construction and Representation of Cultural Identities  (academic master's degree) offers advanced study in the definition and critical analysis of the processes of the construction of ideas– including the idea of identity– and of its representations –in literature, cinema, the theatre, and other media. It is also concerned with the reception, translation, and cultural management of texts in the context of increasingly multicultural  and changing societies.

Master’s Commission

  • Dr. Cristina Alsina Rísquez (coordinator)
  • Dr. Francesco Ardolino
  • Dr. Elena Losada
  • Dr. Joana Masó
  • Dr. Mònica Rius
  • Dr. Loreto Vilar
  • Dr. Dolors Ortega