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Thursday, February 6th, 2020, at 19h

Llibreria Obaga
Carrer Girona, 179 - 08037 Barcelona
The volume Papeles del crimen. Mujeres y violencia en la ficción criminal, edited by Maria Xesús Lama, Elena Losada, and Dolores Resano, is out. This publication belongs to the CRIC (Construction and Representation of Cultural Identities) collection.

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Monday, October 21st, 2019, from 17:30 to 19:00

Dr. Volker Jaeckel (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, Brasil) will give the lecture "Die Präsenz von Nazionalsozialismus und der Schuldfrage im zeitgenössischen deutschen Roman"

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