International conference "Sexual Cultures and Masculinities during the Spanish Transition"

  1. 07/02/2019
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Tuesday, February 18, 2019, from 9h to 20h

The final programme of the international conference "Culturas sexuales y masculinidades en la Transición", which will take place at the University of Barcelona on February 19, 2019, has just been published. The participants will be Rafael M. Mérida Jiménez (ADHUC—Universitat de Lleida), Óscar Guasch (Universitat de Barcelona), José Antonio Ramos Arteaga (Universidad de La Laguna), Jorge Luis Peralta (Universidad Nacional de la Pampa) and Sebastià Portell (writer). In addition to the panels and lectures, there will also be a dialogue between Alberto Mira (Oxford Brookes University) and Ventura Pons (cinema director). The conference will finish in the Centre LGTBI de Barcelona with the presentation of the book Ocaña. Voces, ecos y distorsiones (Bellaterra, 2018) run by Jordi Gracia (Universitat de Barcelona), Rafael M. Mérida Jiménez and Alberto Mira. Free attendance.

On Monday, February 18 there will be private working sessions for the members of the research project.
Sala Gabriel Oliver, Edifici Josep Carner
Universitat de Barcelona
c/ Aribau 2, pis -1 - 08007 Barcelona

Centre LGTBI de Barcelona
c/ Comte Borrell 22 - 08015 Barcelona