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Master of Arts in Management of Cultural Institutions and Companies (on-site)

Màster en Gestió d'Institucions i Empreses Culturals
Format: on-site
Credits: 60
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The University of Barcelona launched the first accredited university program in cultural management in Spain in 1989: the Master in Cultural Management. This tertiary degree was born with the intention of firmly articulating a new, unstructured profession that sought professional legitimacy that was both recognized and stable. The mission was clear, to develop the foundation and renewal of active professionals and, increasingly, graduating new generations of licensed practitioners who want to work in the management of cultural institutions, projects, teams, and services.

The framework for action of a cultural manager is very much conditioned by the reality of the culture and its institutions, by the predominant tradition of public intervention in private management, by the small dimension of the majority of cultural projects, or by the huge importance of the interpersonal relations in both the interior and exterior of organizations. On account of this, articulating an educational discourse has not been a simple task. From 1989 onward the pedagogical team of the postgraduate courses in cultural management at the University of Barcelona have accomplished a great feat in the structuring of content, collecting experiences and documentation, elaborating simulation exercises and didactic methods to exercise intellectual curiosity and common sense. The challenge of this collective enterprise is providing quality education that readies competent professionals for assuming diverse and key roles in cultural institutions, projects, teams, and services.

The Master, in its on-site version is biennial so it begins again every two years, while the distance-learning begins each year.

After the completion of the 2007-2009 course, the on-site Master of Cultural Management became the Master of Cultural Institutions and Companies Management.

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