The sustainability of medium-sized language communities in the age of globalitzation: new trends, new solutions?

Given the situation of massive extinction of the world’s linguistic patrimony due to the homogenization of cultural references in the world, the challenge of looking for new formulas to promote linguistic sustainability becomes a common goal for the Linguamón- House of Languages and the Sociolinguistics and Communication University Centre (CUSC-UB).

The project The sustainability  of medium-sized language communities in the age of globalization sets out the general lines for a research project that aims to study which social, political and economic factors favour or disfavour the maintenance of middle-sized language communities. The research focuses on those language communities that belong to developed societies in a context of advanced socioeconomic development, in order to see how the globalizing tendency affects medium-sized languages, what this tendency implies and how these language communities face the challenge of staying alive while belonging to the prevailing global context.