Vila, F. Xavier (ed.). 2012. «Survival and Development of Language Communities. Prospects and challenges» Bristol: Multilingual Matters.

Too small to be big, but also too big to be really small, medium-sized language communities (MSLCs) face their own challenges in a rapidly globalising world where multilingualism and mobility seem to be eroding the old securities that the monolingual nation states provided. The questions to be answered are numerous: What are the main areas in which the position of these languages is actually threatened? How do these societies manage their diversity (both old and new)? Has state machinery really become as irrelevant in terms of language policy as their portrayals often suggest? This book explores the responses to these and other challenges by seven relatively successful MSLCs, so that their lessons can be applied more generally to other languages striving for long term survival.

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The specific goals of this area of the project were to question the empirical and scientific validity of the dichotomy between majority and minority languages, to move towards a more detailed conceptualization of the global system of languages, to consider the challenges involved in selecting a group of medium-sized language communities, and to incorporate Catalan into this category. To implement this first project stage es van celebrar tres jornades a Barcelona durant els mesos d’octubre, novembre i desembre de 2009. A aquestes jornades s’hi van convidar experts de vuit comunitats lingüístiques mitjanes comparables al cas català perquè exposin els reptes per a la sostenibilitat de les comunitats que coneixen de primera mà i quines eren les seves estratègies davant l’època de la globalització.


8 October, 5 November and 3 December 2009

Dutch- Marc Van Oostendorp, Meertens Institute

Finnish- Sirkku Latomaa, University of Tampere

Danish- Jens Normann Jorgensen, University of Copenhagen

Estonian- Delaney Michael Skerrett, University of Tartu

Latvian- Uldis Ozolins, La Trobe University

Slovenian - Maja Bitenc, University of Ljubljana

Czech- Jíři Nekvapíl, Charles University in Prague

Hebrew- Anat Stavans, Hebrew University of Jerusalem