Milian, Antoni (ed.). 2012. «Language Law and Legal Challenges in Medium-Sized Language Communities. A Comparative Perspective» Barcelona: IEA

In the era of globalization, Catalan is a medium-sized language in deep contact with international languages​​ like Spanish and English. At this conference we want to know what other similar communities are doing in order to protect themselves from the possible threats of this new world order.










Programme of the workshops:

Dates: 18 and 25 November 2010 and 18 November 2011

To be held at: University of Barcelona


  • The Ukrainian language: What does the future hold? (A legal perspective).- Iryna Ulasiuk, European University Institute (Institut Universitari Europeu)
  • The case of Estonian in Estonia. Threats and challenges of English and the Russophone minority – Mart Rannut (Tallinn University)
  • French in Quebec: internal threats and challenges -  André Bräen,  University of Ottawa (Ottawa University)
  • Sustainability of Medium-Sized Language Communities in the age of globalization: The Czech language- Mahulena Hofmann, Universität Gießen (Universitat Justus Liebig de Giessen)
  • Medium-Sized Language Communities and the EU legal framework: exploring the challenges and strategies for change- Niamh Nic Shuibhne, University of Edinburgh (Universitat d’Edimburg)
  • The case of French in Quebec. Threats and challenges of globalization (FTAA / NAFTA, WTO) - José Woehrling (University of Montreal)
  • The transformation of Higher Education and Medium-Sized Language Communities- Xabier Arzoz, Universidad del País Vasco/ Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea (Universitat del País Basc)
  • Medium-sized languages in the media. Protection against the English and other international languages - Iñigo Urrutia (University of the Basque Country)