Less widely spoken languages have very special needs when it comes to education. Often practitioners but also policy makers are overstrained when it comes to finding solutions for these needs.

The LEARNMe project, Language and Education Addressed through Research and Networking by Mercator, 2012-2015, is an EU-funded project providing policy guidelines and recommendations for policy stakeholders in the field as well as for practitioners.



These guidelines and recommendations are meant to provide a very practical outline of how multilingual needs of less used languages can be approached. We furthermore will find out how implicit or explicit policies on multilingualism and linguistic diversity can be effective through education and for what purposes.

The Mercator Network is hosting a 3rd workshop on linguistic diversity and language policies in Barcelona, Catalonia. This workshop will be held on 8-9 April 2015 at the University of Barcelona, Building Josep Carner.


With the aim of presenting and analyzing the recent developments regarding the legal protection of minoritized languages under different European perspectives, the workshop aims to bring together a group of specialists that will inform the attendants of a number of innovations in the legal and political arenas in connection with a variety of European languages, and to explore the sociolinguistic consequences of these policies in a variety of settings.


Date: Wednesday 8th April and Thursday 9th April 2015
Location: University of Barcelona, Josep Carner building
. Faculty of Philology, Universitat de Barcelona, Aribau street, 2 – 08011 Barcelona.



Programa 3es jornades sobre diversitat i polítiques lingüístiques – Barcelona 8-9 abril 2015



Programa 3enes jornades sus diversitat e politiques lingüistiques – Barcelona 8-9 abriu de 2015




POSITION PAPER 3 : Revisiting, reanalysing and redefining research on linguistic diversity: policy, media and education

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Videos of the workshop



https://youtu.be/a72ALTDKV-k Vicent Climent-Ferrando. English

https://youtu.be/YTn_o3SbPH8 Vicent Climent-Ferrando. Catalan

https://youtu.be/Iz_bzWdcggs Eva Pons. Catalan

https://youtu.be/ADWkgbdM6Z8 Eva Pons. English

https://youtu.be Ania Rolewska. English

https://youtu.be Ania Rolewska. Welsh

http://youtu.be/0lwb9jWA-yg Vesna Crnić-Grotić. Croatian

https://youtu.be/SSp5g45lGcE Vesna Crnić-Grotić. English

https://youtu.be/RdCjtvYzdm0 Giovanni Poggeschi. Catalan

https://youtu.be/RJL4eVhz_zY Giovanni Poggeschi. Italian bolognese

https://youtu.be/9GNIE-wiC0s Giovanni Poggeschi. English

https://youtu.be/4DTFHAX3FKc Eneritz Zabaleta. Basque

http://youtu.be/J91sCtTUoC8 Eneritz Zabaleta. English

https://youtu.be/YPlzexAAPoE Rudi Janssens. English

https://youtu.be/DOfmFqu6inU Rudi Janssens. Dutch

https://youtu.be/x6gcSODvo0c Miquel Cabal. Catalan

https://youtu.be/3faCpmRQ-7M Miquel Cabal. English

https://youtu.be/uO1Zau0zlNA Antoni-Ignasi Alomar. Catalan

https://youtu.be/rYGuRVpteQE Avel·lí Flors. Catalan

https://youtu.be/JTEaufVzY-E Avel·lí Flors. English

https://youtu.be/qA7onOzCffg Natxo Sorolla. Catalan

https://youtu.be/rNO_p2X8Lf4 Natxo Sorolla. English



https://youtu.be/SRJ9341HANE Vicent i Eva

https://youtu.be/ Ania, Alessia

https://youtu.be/zeEvlhagWr8 Vesna, Giovanni, Eneritz

https://youtu.be/ufzATuA05og Rudi, Miquel, Jarmo

https://youtu.be/EDWtqLHMxc4 Alomar, Avel·lí, Natxo


Wednesday, 8th April

Recent developments regarding the legal protection
of minoritized languages: a legal approach


8.45 h
Welcome – documentation


9.15 h
Opening session


9.30 h
Vicent Climent, Network to Promote Linguistic Diversity, NPLD
Minoritized languages within the UE


10.00 h
Eva Pons, Universitat de Barcelona
The legal protection of Aranese Occitan in Catalonia


10.30 h
Discussion moderated by Tom Moring


11.00 h
Coffee break


11.30 h
Ania Rolewska, Aberystwyth University,
Mercator Institute for Media, Languages and Culture
Nationalist and regionalist parties as drivers of minority language policy and planning.


12.00 h
Alessia Vacca, University of Sassari
Minority languages in public administration in Northern Ireland 


12.30  h
Discussion moderated by Eithne O’Connell


13.00 h


14.00  h
Vesna Crnic-Grotic, Committee of Experts of the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages
Legislation and minority languages – the role of the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages in Spain


14.30 h
Giovanni Poggeschi, Università del Salento
Recent developments with regards to minority Language in Italy


15.00 h
Eneritz Zabaleta, Université de Pau et des Pays de l’Adour
Recent developments with regards to minority Language in France


15.30 h
Discussion moderated by Jeroen Darquennes





We will visit EAPC, Escola d’Administració Pública de Catalunya – School of Public Administration of Catalonia. The Revista de Llengua i Dret, Journal of Language and Law, published biannually, publishes academic papers about administrative and legal language, linguistic law and language policy and sociolinguistics. – trip to the EAPC – walking distance


16.30 h
Joan Ramon Solé. Presentation of the RLD – EAPC


20.00 h





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Thursday, 9th April

Impact of legislation on sociolinguistic reality


9.30 h
Rudi Janssens, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
The impact Brussels & Brussels lingüistic regime on sociolinguistic Dynamics on Brussels and the Rand: recent developments


10.00 h
Miquel Cabal, Universitat de Barcelona
Crimea at a crossroads: perspectives for lingüístic diversity in Crimea in the light of the last year’s events


10.30 h
Jarmo Lainio, Stockholm University
The interplay between the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages, national authorities and NGO’s – The case of teacher education for national minority languages in Sweden


11.00 h
Discussion moderated by F. Xavier Vila


11.30 h
Coffee break


12.00 h
Antoni-Ignasi Alomar, Universitat de les Illes Balears
The transformation of public language policies in the Balearic Islands during the last four

12.30 h
Avel·lí Flors, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, UOC
From soft promotion to defencelessness? Sociolinguistic effects of changing language policies in València


13.00 h
Natxo Sorolla, Universitat de Barcelona / Universitat Rovira i Virgili
Changing policies with regards to minority languages in Aragon and its sociological and sociolinguistic impact


13.30 h
Discussion moderated by Vanessa Bretxa


14.00 h
Concluding remarks & Workshop closure


14.30 h




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The scientific committee of the project consists of:


F. Xavier Vila: fxvila@ub.edu

Eva Pons: evapons@ub.edu

Vanessa Bretxa: vanessa.bretxa@ub.edu

Guillem Pujades: guillempujades@ub.edu


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