The Mercator Network is hosting a 3rd workshop on linguistic diversity and language policies in Barcelona, Catalonia. This workshop will be held on 8-9 April 2015 at the University of Barcelona, Building Josep Carner.


With the aim of presenting and analyzing the recent developments regarding the legal protection of minoritized languages under different European perspectives, the workshop aims to bring together a group of specialists that will inform the attendants of a number of innovations in the legal and political arenas in connection with a variety of European languages, and to explore the sociolinguistic consequences of these policies in a variety of settings.


Date: Wednesday 8th April and Thursday 9th April 2015
Location: University of Barcelona, Josep Carner building
. Faculty of Philology, Universitat de Barcelona, Aribau street, 2 – 08011 Barcelona.



Programa 3es jornades sobre diversitat i polítiques lingüístiques – Barcelona 8-9 abril 2015



Programa 3enes jornades sus diversitat e politiques lingüistiques – Barcelona 8-9 abriu de 2015




POSITION PAPER 3 : Revisiting, reanalysing and redefining research on linguistic diversity: policy, media and education

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Videos of the workshop


interviews: Vicent Climent-Ferrando. English Vicent Climent-Ferrando. Catalan Eva Pons. Catalan Eva Pons. English Ania Rolewska. English Ania Rolewska. Welsh Vesna Crnić-Grotić. Croatian Vesna Crnić-Grotić. English Giovanni Poggeschi. Catalan Giovanni Poggeschi. Italian bolognese Giovanni Poggeschi. English Eneritz Zabaleta. Basque Eneritz Zabaleta. English Rudi Janssens. English Rudi Janssens. Dutch Miquel Cabal. Catalan Miquel Cabal. English Antoni-Ignasi Alomar. Catalan Avel·lí Flors. Catalan Avel·lí Flors. English Natxo Sorolla. Catalan Natxo Sorolla. English


Conferences: Vicent i Eva Ania, Alessia Vesna, Giovanni, Eneritz Rudi, Miquel, Jarmo Alomar, Avel·lí, Natxo


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