Call for papers

The workshop provides a forum for presenting novel ideas and discussing future directions in the emerging areas of social signal processing in uncontrolled and virtual scenarios. It especially focuses on the interplay between computer vision, pattern recognition, social and psychological sciences. We strongly encourage papers covering topics coming from both the realms of social sciences and computer vision, proposing an original approach that takes from both the worlds. Furthermore, we invite contributions on the more ambitious topics of everyday interactions from wearable cameras, groups and crowd, social interactions in a “virtual” setting, unconventional social signals such as illumination and type of architecture.

Finally, the workshop will also feature an interactive session to explore existing and emerging research problems in the areas of interest for the workshop.


The relevant topics of interest for SSPANDBE include but are not limited to:

  • Multi-person/group/crowd interaction analysis
  • Situation awareness and understanding
  • First-person social interactions
  • Socially immersed first person cameras
  • Crowd/group analysis and simulation
  • Social scene and social context understanding
  • Social force models

The major criteria for the selection of papers will be their potential to generate discussion and influence future research directions. Papers have to present original research contributions not concurrently submitted elsewhere. Any paper published by the ACM, IEEE, etc. which can be properly cited constitutes research which must be considered in judging the novelty of a SSPandBE submission, whether the published paper was in a conference, journal, or workshop. Therefore, any paper previously published as part of a SSPandBE workshop must be referenced and suitably extended with new content to qualify as a new submission to the Research Track at the SSPandBE conference.

Paper submission is single blind and will be handled via EasyChair

For any question about the call for papers please contact