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Research interests


PC member for BDCV@ECCV 2018

TPC member for ACM Multimedia 2018

PC member for ACVR@ECCV 2018

Workshop co-chair for VIBE@ECCV 2018

PC member for VISAPP 2019

Invited book chapter Towards social assistive technologies in the book Cyber-Physical Systems for Social Applications

Reviewer for ICIP 2018

PC member for ICIAR 2018

Panelist at EPIC@ICCV 2017

Become a reviewer for ACM Computing Reviews

Our paper Recognizing activities of daily living from egocentric images received the Best paper award at IbPRIA 2017

Invited talk at the Beijing Institute of Technology

Invited book chapter Lifelogging through egocentric vision in Elsevier book Multi-modal behavior analysis in the wild.

Joined the Editorial board of Frontiers in Perception Science

Invited talk at the University of Bristol

Guest editor of JVCIR, Special issue on Lifelogging Tools and Applications

Workshop co-chair of SSPandBE, in conjunction with ICIAP 2017

Workshop co-chair of LTA 2017, in conjunction with ACM Multi Media 2017

Invited book chapter Computer Vision for egocentric (first-person) vision in Elsevier book Assistive Computer Vision

Reviewer for ICIP 2017

PC member for CAIP 2017

PC member for MVA 2017

PC member for CIARP 2017