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XVI Political Philosophy Conference: Social Control: Action, Liberties, and Citizenship

November 27-29th 2019

Accepted communications (1st term)

Accepted communications (2nd term)

This year's confirmed speakers are:

* Albena Azmanova (U. Kent)
* Manuel Arias Maldonado (U. Málaga)
* Aránzazu Hernández Piñero (U. Zaragoza)
* María Rodó de Zárate (UOC)

The topic for this edition of the International Political Philosophy Conference will be Social Control: Action, Liberties, and Citizenship. The call for papers is open to researchers in practical philosophy and the social sciences. The Conference will be open to historical and contemporary approaches addressing, but not limited to, the following topics:
a. Social control and political action Forms of political participation and representation comprise, to great extent, the framework for political activity. Alongside them, the legitimacy of political action and the normative bases it creates define the forms of social control and emancipation through which members of the body politic act. Which kinds of controls constrain political action? Are these forms of control regulating discourse, material conditions, or institutions? Over whom is control exercised, and by means of which relations? Which are the social processes that create them, and to what extent do some forms of control function and some others have become subtler? How do they impact and modify free speech?
b. Social control and new technologies of information Conscious of current forms of producing and distributing information we suggest, on the one hand, that the relation between information and communications technology be inspected. Which are the effects of these technologies on processes of political participation, online and offline? If such technologies serve social control, how should we regulate them? How should we understand existing models of handling the information we produce?
c. Social control and political identity On the other hand, we seek to inspect subjectivation processes that articulate political action, and whether and how do they result in new political identities. We seek to inspect the conditions that create them, to explore their potential, and how they may modify existing practices. We seek to inspect citizenship in its plural forms, assuming that processes of political subjectivation occur both at the local and at the transnational level, both at the social and at the political and legal levels. This requires commands that our conceptual toolkit be revised so as to address not just forms of second-class citizenship but also forms of social belonging, as well as means of acquiring and dispossessing the status of citizenship.

We welcome abstracts of 500 to 1000 words, which should be accompanied by a short bibliography and a list of five keywords. Please, submit your abstract here. The deadline for submission is October 4 th , 2019. Authors will be notified about whether their abstract has been accepted by Novemver , 2019.


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