Department of Civil Law

Bachelor's degree in Law

Private Law (BT)

Obligations and Contracts (CO)

Property Law (CO)

Family Law and Succession Law (CO)

Tort Law and Damages (OP)

Contract Law (OP)

Interregional Law (OP)

Registration Law (OP)

Estate and Consumer Protection (OP)

Intellectual Property Law (OP)

Final Project (CO)


Pre-EHEA degree in Law

Catalan Civil Law (no tuition) (CO)

Family Law (no tuition) (CO)

Succession Law (no tuition) (CO)

Tort Law and Damages (no tuition) (OP)

Consumer Law (no tuition) (OP)

Notarial Law (no tuition) (OP)

Intellectual Property (no tuition) (OP)


Bachelor's degree in Business Management and Administration

Introduction to Law (BT)


Bachelor's degree in Economics

Introduction to Law (BT)


Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering

Ethics and Legislation (CO)


Bachelor's degree in Information and Documentation

Legal Aspects of Information (BT)

Intellectual Property (OP)


Bachelor's degree in Social Work

Rights, Citizenship and Social Work (BT)


Bachelor's degree in Criminology

Techniques in Work and Communication (BT)

UB-specific degree in Private Investigation

Private Law (CO)

Legal and Professional Framework of Private Investigation and Private Security (CO)


Master's degree in Legal Practice

Civil Litigation (OP)

Specialization in Civil Litigation (OP)

Cross-Discplinary Case Study II (OP)

Mediation and Arbitration (OP)

Final Project (CO)


Master's degree in Law

Introduction to Private Law (BC for Admission to the Master's Degree in Law) (OP)

Application of the Different Civil Codes that Coexist in Catalonia (OP)

Childhood and Adolescence Law (OP)

Family Finance and Legislation on the Family Residence (OP)

Judicial Intervention in Family Conflicts (OP)

European Contract Law (OP)

Breach of Contract and Contractor Liability (OP)         

Consumer Protection (OP)

Product Liability (OP)


Master's degree in Company and Business Law

Consumer Law (OP)

Introduction to the Commom Law: Fundamental Principles (OP)

Contractual Performance and Liability  (OP)

Damage Liability (OP)

Estate Law (OP)

Research paper on Company and Business Law (OP)


Master's degree in Professional Administrative Services

Introduction to Private Law  (BC for Admission to the Master's Degree in Professional Administrative Services) (OP) 

Civil Law Dynamics in Personal and Family Law (OP)  

Property Law (OP)  

Final Cross-Disciplinary Activity (OP)        


Master's degree in Conflict Mediation

Legal Framework of Mediation (OP)

Areas of Application and Intervention Methodologies (OP)            

Family Mediation (OP)

Community Mediation (OP)

Mediation in Trade  (OP)

Mediation in Organizations (OP)


BT: Basic training

CO: Compulsory

OP: Optional

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