Welcome to the web page of the Department of Civil Law.

The Department is formed by some forty academics, who are organized into teaching and research groups specializing in the different areas that make up the discipline of civil law.

The Department coordinates and teaches a large number of subjects across a range of bachelor's degree and master's degree courses. At undergraduate level, the Department provides tuition across the four years of the bachelor's degrees in Law, Economics, Information and Documentation, Social Work, Computer Engineering, Criminology, and Public Management and Administration. At master's level, the Department provides tuition for the university master's degrees in Legal Practice, Business Law, Company and Business Law, Professional Administrative Services, and Law. It also teaches subjects for the UB-specific degree in Private Investigation and for a range of other UB-specific programmes (master's degrees, postgraduate programmes and university extension courses), some of which are coordinated by the Department's teaching staff.

The teaching staff are also involved in individual research activities and research projects with various groups of proven quality, which regularly secure projects in competitive research calls. This research expertise is reflected in the supervision of doctoral theses and generates a huge volume of individual and co-authored publications. It also underpins the organization of and participation in meetings and conferences in Spain and abroad, and the constant transfer of specialized knowledge.


Head of Department
Dr Anna Casanovas Mussons





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