J. Rozas, P. Librado, J. C. Sánchez-DelBarrio, X. Messeguer and R. Rozas
Universitat de Barcelona
Current Released Version: 5.10.1  (March 4, 2010)

DnaSP, DNA Sequence Polymorphism, is a software package for the analysis of nucleotide polymorphism from aligned DNA sequence data. DnaSP can estimate several measures of DNA sequence variation within and between populations (in noncoding, synonymous or nonsynonymous sites, or in various sorts of codon positions), as well as linkage disequilibrium, recombination, gene flow and gene conversion parameters. DnaSP can also carry out several tests of neutrality: Hudson, Kreitman and Aguadé (1987), Tajima (1989), McDonald and Kreitman (1991), Fu and Li (1993), and Fu (1997) tests. Additionally, DnaSP can estimate the confidence intervals of some test-statistics by the coalescent. The results of the analyses are displayed on tabular and graphic form.

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