PhD “Society and Culture: History, Anthropology, Arts, Heritage and Cultural Management”

The new PhD program “Society and Culture: History, Anthropology, Arts, Heritage and Cultural Management, which has started this course 2014-2015 aims to offer a quality reference in various specialties in the fields of history, Anthropology, Arts, Heritatge and Cultural Management. The program provides a theoretical and methodological PHD’s and is oriented in diferent research areas:

1. History and Archaeology: field investigations aimed at historical processes, the historical issues at the international, Spanish and Catalan in different historical periods. Also includes basic and applied research in archeology.

2. History and Theory of Arts: field research regarding the history of arts -encloent performing arts: music, theater and cinema – from Antiquity to the latest trends. Research on the Theory of Arts and Aesthetics philosophy.

3. Social and Cultural Anthropology: research on cultural diversity and the various fields related to the economy, politics, kinship and religion. Research related to multiculturalism and social exclusion.

4. Management of Culture and Heritage: research related uses social, political and economic culture. Applied research on museology, museum management and economic culture and heritage. It works criteria and concepts related to the different types of culture and the policies pursued in Catalonia, Spain, Europe and Latin America for the recovery and revaluation of heritage.