Perspectives: Myth, History and Memory


No. 3


ISSN 1988-594

EDITOR: Sue Ballyn

Assistant Editor: Kate Russell

SPECIAL EDITORIAL BOARD: Isabel Alonso, Universitat de Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain); Vanessa, Castejon Université Paris Xlll (France); Ann Curthoys, Australian National University; John Docker, Australian National University; Martin Leer, Geneva University (Switzerland); Peter Read,Sydney University (Australia); Martin Renes, Universitat de Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain);Carles Serra, Universitat Pomeu Fabra (Barcelona) and Universitat de Barcelona (Catalonia,Spain); Cynthia vanden Driesen, Edith Cowan University, (Australia); Terri-ann White, University of Western Australia; Eleonore Wildburger University of Klagenfurt (Austria)


Sue Ballyn



Terri-Ann White

The country and the city  3-9

Catalina Ribas Segura

Did it Really Happen? Memory, History and Myth in Eugenia Tsoulis´ Between the Ceiling and the Sky  10-16

María Isabel Seguro Gómez

`Hawai, Hawai/ Like a dream/ So I CAME/ But my tears/Are flowing now/ In the canefields´: Beauty´s Price in Philip Kan Gotanda´s Ballad of Yachiyo. 17-23

Jay Arthur

Remembering the Stolen Generations in the National Museum of Australia  24-34

Cynthia vanden Driesen

From `a shrew from the Orkneys´ to white indigene- the many re-Inventions of Eliza Fraser.  35-42

Isabelle Auguste

On the Significance of Saying “Sorry” –Politics of Memory and Aboriginal Reconciliation in Australia. 43-50
  Lyndall Ryan

The long shadows of remembrance: massacre denial and the Black War  in Tasmania

  Lyn McCredden

Forms of memory in post-colonial Australia


Carles Conrad Serra Pagès

A Reading of Husserl´s “life-world” against the Loss of History in the Context of Postcolonial Aboriginal Australia 68-74

Kristina Everett

Traditional Urban Aboriginal Religion 75-86

Baden Offord

Memories Of Tolerance 87-98

Dolors Soriano & Victòria Medina

The body as a language and expression of the Aboriginal cultural identity 99-108

Eleanore Wildurger

Indigenous Australian Artworks in Intercultural Contact Zones 109-115

Martin Renes

Echoes of a not so Mythical Past: Memories of Race in Elizabeth Jolley´s The Well 116-122

Elisa Morera de la Vall

A Noah of our Times: Around Him Arose a Myth 123-128

Roberta Trapè

From Notebook to Novel and from Diary to Dante: Reading Robert Dessaix’s Night Letters. 129-135

Teresa Requena

Catharine Sedgwick’s Hope Leslie (1827) and the Revision of the Puritan Past 136-142

Anne Holden Rønning

Myth and Memory as Determinants of Narrative 143-151

Gloria Montero

Myth and Memory in The Queen of Dreams

Rosanna Rion

Translation and Tradition: the Translator as Mediator between Two Literary Systems 164-169
  David Serrat
Climatic Change and Humanity: A Permanent Conflict? 170-175
  Jennifer Wilson
The Experience of Being Injured: an 'Otherwise' Perspective 176-181
  Mercè Cuenca
`Inscrutable Intelligence´: The Case against Plastic Surgery in the Works of Jean Stafford and Sylvia Plath 182-189

Peter Read

A Funa in Australia? 190-198

Bill Phillips

Constructing Catalonia 199-206

Jaime de Córdoba

Drawing Myth and History in visual art 207-212

John Ryan

The Life To Come: Fiction as a Magical Intervention 213-219

Wenche Ommundsen

Myth And Migration: Alienation And Belonging In Recent Asian-Australian Picture Books 220-226

Julieta C. Mallari

King Sinukuan Mythology and the Kapampangan Psyche 227-234

Victòria Medina & Dr.Théophile Koui

After the Wê mask in Ivory Coast: preliminary study about its origin, symbolism and value as an element of communication 235-242

Roser Bosch

A way of reasserting and sharing identity: Acrylic Paintings of the Central Desert 243-251
  Anna Cole
“Dancing with the Prime Minister”. Myth and History 252-258
  Vin d’Cruz

Connectedness and Being: Reflections 259-273
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