CEA Universitat de Barcelona

How to get to the University. Interactive map


UB aerial view

An aerial View of the University. This is the Historic Building and the Venue for the Conference

UB Front Facade

The Main Entrance Hall. This is where you will come in, go  up the stairs  you can see on the right

UB MAIN ENTRANCE HALL The Front Facade. You will enter through one of the three arched doorways


The Clock Tower on the Main Facade
UB Aula Magna The Aula Magna where we will be having the sessions
UB Gardens
Part of The University Gardens
UB Paraninfo
The "Paraninfo" or Noble Hall
The Corridor which runs between the Faculty of Philology and Maths
UPDATED: 29/11/2013  



More information

  • Centre d'Estudis Australians
  • Universitat de Barcelona
    Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 585
  • 08007 Barcelona
    Telèfon: 93 4035686
  • Fax: 93 3171249
  • Sueballyn@ub.edu