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European Master in Quality in Analytical Laboratories - Erasmus Mundus
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MSc in Chemistry
Official MSc in Analytical Chemistry
MSc Erasmus Mundus


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Why this Master?

Because analytical laboratories play a crucial role in modern societies:

  • analysis of food and drinking water affect the health of whole populations;
  • medical decisions depend on the results of clinical analysis;
  • environmental assessment is perfored through chemical analysis, which is decisive for pollution control;
  • even court trials are more and more dependent on the result of forensinc analysis;
  • the economic value of goods is decided based on chemical analysis, and in this way the reliability of the analyses performed affects not only local trade, but also the world economy.

EMAQAL prepares professionals for analytical laboratories, focusing on laboratory management and quality systems, along with complementing their technical knowledge.


How is it structured?

The programme lasts 18 months: one year of classes, which takes place in the host university, and one semester of research project and thesis, in another university of a different country.

The structure of the course was designed so that students acquire the three general skills essential for managing a laboratory successfully: technical, managing and statistical skills. Lectures are organized in three disciplines:

  • Analytical methods
  • Data analysis
  • Quality management

All classes are optional. Students take 30 modules and must fulfill a minimum of 5 modules from each discipline. According to his/her background, each student can choose from a wide range of options fitting his/her professional and personal interests, namely in water analysis, food analysis or clinical analysis.


Where will you study?

The host university rotates every year among the five participant universities: University of Algarve (Portugal), University of Barcelona (Spain), University of Cadiz (Spain), University of Bergen (Norway) and Gdansk University of Technology (Poland).


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