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 The Faculty
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Introduction to the Faculty

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The study of Law at the University of Barcelona can be traced back to the very foundation of the University.  The Faculty of Law and Canon Law came into existence in 1450 with the foundation of the Estudi General de Barcelona, the predecessor of our present-day University.  Today, the Faculty offers degrees not only in Law, but also in Political and Administrative Sciences, Industrial Relations, Public Management and Administration, and Criminology for undergraduates, postgraduate and doctoral students. And from the academic year 2009-2010, the degrees will be fully adapted to the European Higher Education Area.

The Faculty of Law took up its current residence on the Pedralbes Campus in 1958, now over fifty years ago.  At that time, the newly christened building was the recipient of a FAD award in recognition of its value as an expression of rationalism in the city’s architecture in the wake of the Spanish Civil War.  The new Faculty of Law stood as a ray of light and a symbol of modernity in the dark times of Franco’s dictatorship.


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Degà de la Facultat

Enoch Albertí, dean
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Entire generations of lawyers have received their training at the Faculty of Law.  From among them have come prominent individuals in professional, political, academic and social life not only in the city of Barcelona but throughout the country.  And the Faculty is home to illustrious professors who have gained renown academically and in the wider society.  We have built a solid tradition, which is a source of pride and must be safeguarded.  At the same time, the Faculty is also looking towards to the future and adapting to new times, mindful of the new demands emerging from the professional world and society as a whole.

Tradition and modernity are the two values that the Faculty of Law embodies today.  Our reality is rooted in them and our academic offering, both teaching and research activities, is built on their foundations.   They are the values that will enable us to take on the challenges of the future:  completing our adaptation to the European Higher Learning Area and consolidating an undergraduate and postgraduate offering of acknowledged quality; consolidating and increasing the international presence of the Faculty both in research and in teaching, particularly with current and future double-degree programs, student exchanges and visiting students from abroad; promoting high-quality research; and opening the Faculty up to the professional world and society at large, channelling and responding to the training and research demands that are emerging there.   

With this strength of purpose and desire to serve, I encourage everyone who may have an interest—new and existing students, professionals, teaching and research staff, local people and foreigners, indeed any citizen interested in the disciplines we address—to come to the Faculty of Law.  Get to know us.  You can be confident in the knowledge that we will do our utmost to meet your needs.

Enoch Albertí Rovira
Dean of the Faculty of Law


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