Accepted communications

Title Authors
A critical set of revolution surface parametrizations J. Rafael Sendra, D. Sevilla, C. Villarino
A note on the representation of solvable Lie Algebras M. Ceballos, J. Núñez, A. F. Tenorio
A semigroup approach to projective monomial curves associated to arithmetic sequences I. Bermejo, E. García-Llorente, I. García-Marco
A similarity test for Ore polynomials J. Gómez-Torrecilla, F. J. Lobillo, G. Navarro
Algorithms for computation of trascendental functions with near to optimal complexity E. A. Karatsuba
An algorithm for producing F-pure ideals A. Fernandez Boix, M. Katzman
Bond theory for pentapods and hexapods M. Gallet, G. Nawratil, J. Schicho
Complete intersection for phylogenetic group-based model M. Casanellas, J. Fernandez Sanchez, M. Michalek
Computing all affine solution sets of binomial systems D. Adrovic, J. Verschelde
Computing jumping numbers and multiplier ideals in two-dimensional regular local rings M. Alberich-Carramiñana, J. Àlvarez-Montaner, F. Dachs-Cadefau
Determinant of any matrix that belongs go Z(J) J. Ferrer, D. Mingueza, E. Montoro
Families of numerical semigroups: frobenious pseudo-varieties and trees associated to them A. Robles-Pérez, J. C. Rosales
Formulating Problems for Real algebraic Geometry M. England
Hilbert's Nullstellensatz and polynomial dynamical systems C. D'Andrea, A. Ostafe, I. E. Shparlinski, M. Sombra
New polynomial optimization algorithm using border basis M. Abril Bucero, B. Mourrain
Nonlinear Q-ary codes: Constructions and minimum distance computation M.Villanueva, F. Zeng, J. Pujol
Null Space of the Bezout Matrix and GCD's G. Diaz-Toca, M. Fioravanti
On detection of solitary waves, using phase diagrams and real discriminants A. Galligo, D. Dutykh, D. Clamond
On the Möbius function of semigroups of N J. Chappelon, I. García-Marco, L. P. Montejano, J. L. Ramírez Alfonsín
Perturbation results on polynomial zero-loci M. L. Torrente
Pommaret-Seiler resolution is cellular E. Sáenz-de-Cabezón
Radicals of Ore polynomials M. Jaroschek
Reduction of Roesser's 2-d linear discrete systems using symbolic computation M. S. Boudellioua
Representation of functions for an efficient CAS D. Navarro Guevara
Ring structures of splines on triangulations N. Villamizar
Signature-Based Gröbner bases algorithms in Singular C. Eder
Some stability phenomena for the reduced Kronecker coefficients L. Colmenarejo, M. Rosas
The confluent Bezout matrix D. Aruliah, R. Corless, G. Diaz-Toca, L. Gonzalez-Vega, A. Shakoori
The Rees Algebra of a monomial plane parametrization T. Cortadellas, C. D'Andrea
The scheme of Liftings and Applications C. Bertone, F. Cioffi, M. Guida, M. Roggero
Ultraquadrics associated to affine and projective automorphisms T. Recio, J. Rafael Sendra, L. Tabera, C. Villarino
Unwinding paths on the Riemann Sphere for continuous integrals of rational functions R. Moir, R. Corless, D. Jeffrey
Zigzag form over families of parametric matrices R. Corless, M. Moreno Maza, S. Thornton
Zigzag homology for biomedical image processing G. Mata, M. Morales, A. Romero, J. Rubio