Graduation event

An act of homage and recognition for the effort shown

The Graduation Event is a solemn ceremony, chaired by the dean, in which a godfather or godmother and a representative student participate. Students who attend receive as a souvenir, a diploma issued by the Faculty, which commemorate the end of their studies. The ceremony finishes with the university anthem and, after this, a glass of cava is offered to all the attendees.

About the graduation event

Who can participate?

  • Bachelor students. Can participate all bachelor students who have closed their academic record and have requested their diploma at the Secretary before the registration period for the event opens.
  • Master students. Can participate all master students who are finishing their studies in the current academic year.

If I have few credits to finish my bachelor, Can I participate?

The graduation event is to celebrate that you have finished your studies at the University. This is why you must close your academic record and request your diploma. If you have any credit left to finish the bachelor, you have to wait until next year.

About the enrolment

How can I enrol?

You should access the application form with your ID and your password and fill in your personal data and for your two companions. If it is the case, you will have to pay 20€ following the application guidelines.

What happens if I cannot access the application?

You should make sure that your ID and password are correct. If you have forgotten them, send an email to

If you cannot access the application with the right ID and password, you might not have finished your studies. In this case, send an email to

When do I have to enrol?

You have to enrol within the established dates that are published in the application main page.

Is it mandatory to enrol?

Yes, and within the established dates. If you do not enrol, you will not be able to attend the graduation event.

How do I know that I have enrolled correctly?

After completing your enrolment, you will receive a confirmation at your email address.

What if I do not receive the email address?

Make sure that the email that you have provided is correct. If so, verify that the email is not in the spam folder.

Can I change the data?

Yes. You can update your personal data and the information about your companions while the enrolment process is still open.

Why do I have to pay 20€?

This payment is the contribution to the expenses generated by the graduation event (the rent of the gown, the cost of the bands, the choir, the diplomas, the brochures and the glass of cava) which is complemented by the Faculty’s economic contribution.

In the case of the master programmes, when possible, the programme will take care of the expense.

What happens if I have forgotten to make the payment?

The deadline for the payment finished when the enrolment period finishes. After this period, if the payment has not been done, your enrolment will be cancelled automatically.

If I have a problem and in the end I cannot attend, will I get reimburse?

You can only be reimbursed during the enrolment period. If you cannot attend, you should inform the organization team They will cancel the enrolment and manage the reimbursement.

Do I have to make the class picture (orla) to assist to the graduation event?

No, you don’t have to. The class picture is a souvenir from your classmates, organized by students. The graduation event is a ceremony organized by the Faculty and address to students who have finished their studies.

About the invitations

Can friends and relatives assist?

As long as there is still capacity, you can bring two companions. Places will be assigned by rigorous order of registration.

Do friends and relatives have to pay?

No. The cost is only for students. The companions do not have to pay anything to attend the graduation event.

Is it possible to bring more than two companions?

The capacity is limited and so, for security reasons, each student cannot attend with more than two companions.

Can children attend the event?

It is understandable that you want to be with your family during the event celebration. However, the ceremony is not adequate for children. Take into account that baby strollers cannot access the room.

About special needs

I broke a leg and I need to use crutches

Graduates who participate in this event must inform about special needs so everything can be well planned. Be reminded that you will have to go up to the stage to pick up your diploma. For this reason, your mobility must be guaranteed during the whole ceremony. Inform about your situation sending an email to

My grandmother is in a wheelchair

In order to guarantee a good development of the ceremony and to allow the access of all the attendants, you should inform in advance if one of your companions have special needs. You can send an email to

About the dress code

How should I dress?

There is not any specific dress code. As graduates, you will be wearing a gown and a band that we will provide you the day of the event. You can check the pictures of other editions.

About the graduation day

At what time do I have to be there?

Even though the event starts at 19.00, graduates should arrive from 18.00 to register, pick up the band (which you can keep us a memory) and the gown. In order to pick up the gown, you will have to leave your ID/Passport as a deposit. You will get it back when you return it.

What about my companions?

The companions will be able to access the Aula Magna from 18.30h.

Where do I have to sit?

Graduates have to sit in front of the stage. You will have a seat assigned by studies and in alphabetic order.

Can I sit with my companions?

No. Companions must sit apart and they have a sit assigned as well. When they arrive, the organization team will show them their assigned location.

How long is the ceremony?

The approximate duration of the graduation event is a bit more than one hour. After the ceremony, a glass of cava will be offer to all the attendants.

If I do not attend the event can I get my diploma?

No. The diploma delivered during the event is symbolic and is only provided on the graduation day. The official diploma is delivered by the Secretaria.

How can I obtain the pictures taken?

The day after the graduation event, the Faculty will send you and email with a link to the photo archive.

And afterwards?

Once you finish your studies, the Faculty encourages you to maintain your engagement with the institution and collaborate with the Alumni Wall.

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