Athina Raftopoulou defends her doctoral thesis financed by Alumni

Next Monday, January 28, 2019, will take place the Doctoral Defence of the PhD Student in Economics, Athina Raftopoulou entitled “Essays on the Economics of Obesity” and directed by Dr. Joan Gil Trasfi. The research developed by the student aims to analyse the economic and social factors that influence the risk of individuals of suffering […]

Faculty of Economics and Business unveils Alumni Wall

The dean of the University of Barcelona’s Faculty of Economics and Business, Elisenda Paluzie, has unveiled the first plaques on the Alumni Wall. This space at the Faculty now displays plaques bearing the names of all the alumni who made donations in a test run of the funding programme. “This project is a way for […]

Target achieved for first project linked to Alumni Wall!

The first project linked to the Alumni Wall has achieved its target. A total of €6,375 was raised to fund a research project on the social determinants of obesity in Spain. The project is being carried out by Athina Raftopoulou, a student enrolled in the Faculty’s doctoral programme in Economics. The aim is to analyse […]

Faculty of Economics and Business innovates with new funding streams

The University of Barcelona’s Faculty of Economics and Business has decided to open up new funding streams to continue supporting projects related to research, teaching excellence and internationalization. The joint initiative is being carried out by the Faculty and the University’s Board of Trustees with the collaboration of UB Alumni, the University of Barcelona’s official […]