Buddy Programme

The Buddy Programme was founded on the initiative of the International Relations Office of the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Barcelona in order to promote international relations and encourage the contact between the students of the Faculty and the international ones who are completing an exchange period at our institution.

Students, both local and international ones, who decide to participate in the Buddy Programme will benefit from the opportunity to enrich their university experience, as well as have the chance to meet students who belong to different cultural environments.

Interaction between both groups of students will help them achieve a better understanding of other cultures, thus improving their international experience and gaining personal intercultural knowledge. Moreover, local students can guide and advise the international students on academic and university related issues during their stay at our faculty (using the library resources, contacting the lecturers of the Faculty, giving help and advice on courses, etc.) and other cultural and daily life issues related with living abroad (for instance, cultural and linguistic immersion).

The programme offers the students of the Faculty the possibility to take part in the internationalization that our centre is experiencing, although they do not participate personally in the programme of international mobility. Students will also be able to approach and experience cultural diversity, get to know and help students with different cultural backgrounds, improve their language skills and gain new experience. Finally, it may also extend the participation of the students in the International Mobility Programmes of the Faculty.

Buddy Programme - International exchange students

If you are a student who will undertake an international academic stay at our institution, you will be able to contact several students of the Faculty who have decided to be the “buddies”. There is also a Facebook fan page where you can express your concerns, and the “buddies” will take care of that.

Local buddies will guide you through all the academics matters, as well as some other everyday life and cultural aspects and issues related to the city and the country.
Buddies will also be present during the welcoming activities, so you will be able to meet them and start interacting with them then.

It is only up to you to build a relationship with your buddies. You will have the possibility to ask about all the issues that you are interested in via email or through the Facebook fan page of the Office and we can arrange the meetings for you.

We hope that thanks to this programme you will be able to learn and interact with the local students of our university and make the most of this international experience that you have decided to incorporate into your personal background.