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  • You can find the updated information on the Erasmus+ Internship call for the second semester of 2020/2021. The call will be open from the 4th of September till the 5th of November 2020 for the students of: Bachelor, Graduates, PhD and from the 4th of September till the 5th of October 2020 for Master students: Erasmus+ Pràctiques
  • Haute Ecole EPHEC University College (Brussels, Belgium) is looking for 2 trainees: to join the International Office during 2020-2021. Application deadline June 1, 2020.  Detailed information: Incoming Assistant and Outgoing Assistant.
  • Texas Instruments are currently recruiting for a number of finance related internships with an approximate start date of June 2020 – September 2020. The internships will be based at our European headquarters in Freising, Germany and will last between six and twelve months:
  • The Finabel Permanent Secretariat, a Land Force Organisation based in Brussels is looking for new trainees. The internship should last at least two months and could last up to one year, but the duration as well as the schedule are very flexible. Students that are interested should send their candidature in our webpage:
    This offer has no deadline, so candidates can apply at any time.
  • Native Spanish-Speaking Customer Care Agent. Internship in Paris, 6 months. Mastering Catalan would be a plus:
  • Vacancy for an internship within the Erasmus + program in Germany!The Department of Education, Culture and Sports of the Osnabrück County Administrative Center is looking for an Erasmus + intern in a German marketing company in Osnabrück. They look for a student in the field of computer science and programming or a person who has finished their studies in this field and has acquired knowledge of php, mySQL, html … For more information Handzettel_INFORMATICA_Crimex
  • The third call for Erasmus+ applications for international internships is now open. Deadline: November 6, 2019:
  • New! CEA Barcelona is searching for an On-Call Assistant. This position entails assisting students who dial the CEA emergency service number during the weekend. This person should assist students in pointing out possible resources /course of action and accompanying students in any given emergency situation that they cannot handle on their own. Job Description – On Call Assistant Sep2019
  • New! The Corvinus University of Budapest would like to welcome a student to work in the Corvinus Business School, at the Faculty Research Directorate as an Erasmus+ intern. More information.
  • New! Internship available in a Research Centre which belongs to two public universities: The Universidade do Porto and the Universidade Nova de Lisboa. This particular placement will be in Porto, Portugal. More information.
  • Nuevo! Hacer prácticas en la empresa We Translate On Time para empezar en agosto en Lisboa. El estudiante elegido va a recibir alojamiento gratuito asegurado por la empresa. Más información.
  • Novetat! New Internship and Fellowship Available: Catalan-American Cultural Heritage Exchange. Tota la informació sobre aquesta beca es pot consultar al següent enllaç: Accès a la beca
  • Pràctiques a Europa: Neix el nou portal de pràctiques Erasmus Intern, creat per l’associació d’estudiants Erasmus ESN i finançat per la Unió Europa, que permetrà als estudiants europeus trobar pràctiques a empreses d’altres països de la Unió Europea. Tota la informació sobre aquesta iniciativa i a les ofertes de pràctiques les pots trobar al següent enllaç: Accès al portal.
  • Recruiting Erasmus: Recruiting Erasmus és un portal que ofereix ofertes laborals exclusivament a estudiants que hagin participat en algun programa de mobilitat internacinal. Hi participen empreses com Inditex, Ikea, Iberia o Microsoft, entre moltes altres, ja que consideren que els joves que han realitzat una estada acadèmica a l’estranger en el marc dels seus estudis universitaris han adquirit habilitats i competències molt valuoses i que donaran a l’empresa un alt valor afegit. Accedeix al porta a través del següent enllaç: Recruiting Erasmus.
  • Novetat! Vols fer pràctiques d’estudis o treballar en organitzacions internacionals? Tota la informació sobre les beques Canigó la pots trobar al següent enllaç: : Les beques Canigó.
  • New! New internship possibility in Austria starting in September 2019! Please follow the link: How to apply
  • Novetat! Oberta la convocatòria per una vacant a l’Oficina de Relacions Internacionals de la Facultat d’Economia i Empresa. La convocatòria romandrà oberta fins al 16 de juny. Pots consultar tota la informació al següent enllaç: Cap de l’Oficina de Relacions Internacionals.
  • Novetat! Oberta la convocatòria del programa Erasmus+ per estudiants de Doctorat. La convocatòria romandrà oberta fins al 14 de juny. Pots consultar la convocatòria al següent enllaç: Convocatòria Erasmus+ Doctorat.